Multi-chain private transactions
and privacy.

Typhoon enables you to send private transactions between 2 BSC or Polygon wallets

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1. Deposit

You deposit funds into the typhoon smart contract and receive a randomly generated piece of text (a note) back.

2. Transfer

You pass the generated note to a different user that should receive the transaction. The note is the only way to withdraw your deposit.

3. Withdraw

Upon providing the note by the target user, the smart contract will transfer the BNB to a wallet of your choice.

What Typhoon actually does

Typhoon works by letting user transactions mix with each other. All an observer will see is a long list of identical transactions coming and going from the Typhoon smart contract.
The more people that use Typhoon, the bigger the anonymity set becomes and the harder it is figure out where transactions originated from.

What we're working on



Up Next

  • Staking
  • Relayer Support
  • Multi-deposits
  • Tokyen supply lock
  • Cross-chain deployments
  • Token utility & power features
  • Liquidity/Anonymity Rewards
  • Fee distribution to TYPH holders
  • Relayers v2
  • Deposit v2
  • DAO & Governance System
  • More Token support
  • And much much more...